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Mysterious and at the same time one of the most popular cocktails, not only in the United States - around the world. Although no one knows who first made a margarita, we all know that the stories about the cocktails are usually very romantic and beautiful women associated with ...

Apparently in 1938 the owner of a Mexican restaurant in Tijuana, Carlos Herrera, cooking up the world's first margarita for the beautiful actress and dancer (called herself Marjorie King), who was allergic to all alcohol except tequila.
Another beautiful woman, involved in this "mystery drinks", the actress Rita Hayworth (real name - Margarita Cansino). In 1940, in Tijuana her theatrical performance looked one of the local barman and fell in such a delight that the new cocktail called her name "margarita".
Another rumor has it that the first cocktail was served in Galveston (Texas) for the famous singer Peggy Lee. Her real name was Norma Egstrom, and Peggy is a traditional diminutive of Margaret drink hence the name "margarita" ...
And everything is clear - we, we women are to blame. And fantastic, because it is one of my favorite drinks, but in the original version, which I've included below.

Classic Margarita (6 porcji)


180 milliliters of a white tequila

90 milliliters of Triple Sec liqueur

90 milliliters of the juice of green lemon

bit of agave syrup, to taste (optional)

1 green lemon divided into 8 parts

- lemon moisten the edges of glasses and taped salt

- mix the first three ingredients thoroughly

- pour into glasses filled with ice

- decorate with lemon particles

A few drops of agave syrup added before mixing them (like thick honey) lightly sweetened drink, and two or three thin discs on top of the chili will add him to drink focus.

It is hard to imagine a Sunday brunch without a Mimosa, soft drink, combining champagne with orange juice, served in tall glasses ...


Most classic cocktails and popular American dishes are wrapped in legends; Mimosa cocktail also lived to see his story ...

Buck's Fizz drink, that is not sparkling wine or champagne with orange juice, was prepared for the first time in 1921 in London's Buck's Club. Four years later (1925), Frank Meier, a bartender at the Paris Ritz Hotel, served Mimosa, combining sparkling wine with juice. It's Europe. What happened in America?

The first Mimosa was given at the request of director Alfred Hitchcock in San Francisco in 1940. Of course there were variations of this drink London Buck's Fizz, but ... Alfred Hitchcock considered to be the promoter of Mimosa in America. 

I recommend this drink during the Easter breakfast. Perfectly refreshing!

Mimosa (5 glasses)  


250 milliliters of chilled sparkling wine

250 milliliters of chilled orange juice

orange slices to decorate the glass


Wine and juice in a jug mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Fill the tall glasses and decorate with a slice of orange or a part of it. Do not add ice cubes!




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