17 of September 2019


Wczorajszym tańcem jeszcze żyję,
A już z cukini smażę dżem.
Rozkoszy nie minęły chwile,
A ja przy garach cały dzień.
I nie narzekam, bo jak widzę
Z jaką radością się częstujesz,
Jaką cudowną robisz minę,
Gdy się tak wszystkim delektujesz.

(fragment wiersza "Nutki 67")

Zucchini, also called summer squash, is a vegetable (although botanically - fruit) of the gourd family, in marvelous colors - dark green, light green, yellow! Its history dates back to about 7000 years ago when the ancestors of squash settled on the area of today's Mexico and northern South America. Colonization of the Americas made a vegetable that has emerged in Europe. Initially looked at a zucchini with reluctance, but ... after a while began to appreciate its advantages, and in the nineteenth century, in Italy, near Milan, it was one of the first large plantations. From the field were brought to America, it is not known. But when we know
- in the 20th century. Specifically - 1920, when Italian immigrants, with seeds in his pocket, the local growers interested in growing summer squash. And so the trial plantation was founded in California!

Later it went easier ... because - as it turned out - zucchini grows everywhere! Feels great in temperate climates, it is easy to grow and very productive (my one garden bush gave me already about 25 fruits, and still flourishes and announces the next), so growers control the cultivation and strip the beautiful, edible (!) flowers. Tossed in batter and fried in oil is a true rarity.

Immature fruit zucchini with a length of about 20 centimeters is the tastiest and most gentle, and her skin is edible. My courgettes are larger (this year's climate and rains make a lot of surprises), as delicious (maybe the variety), and dark green skin fits great in dishes cooked, steamed, grilled or baked. 

Recipes for delicious cakes with zucchini got from Mary Jo Para of St. Charles, Illinois. She is a great lady of the house, taking care of healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meals for your family. I think that it is worthwhile to talk to her about American cuisine and its history. She is a Czech origin and learned cooking from her Czech grandmother, who was frying potato pancakes, sticky dumplings, cooked beet borscht ... Is there something left of those years in Mary Jo's kitchen? We'll find out soon ... Now I look extremely interesting cookbook in the nineteenth century - was owned by Mary Jo great-grandmother. About this book can tell you soon...

  • The largest producer of zucchini in Europe is Italy. There, in Ferrara, bred the world's longest zucchini. It measures 2 meters and discovered an-known in the Guinness Book.

  • Zucchini is the perfect vegetable for a diet as it is low in calories and easy to digest. It is also desirable anti-cancer diet and de-acidifying. And - importantly - do not accumulate heavy metals in it. 

  • It is valued for the high nutritional value and excellent effect on health. It contains minerals, among which there are: potassium (regulates the water of the body, and improves the working part of the enzyme), iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium.

  • It is also a good source of beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A, supporting the correct vision, strengthens the immune system). In contrast, it contains vitamins B1 and vitamin C, among others, it is necessary for the proper working of the nervous system, including the brain (B1), strengthen the immune system, growth and tissue regeneration, good condition of the teeth and gums.

  • It should eat young courgettes with peel raw, due to the thermal sensitivity of these vitamins.






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New Hampshire 
New Jersey 

Paj Jabłkowy Babci Ople

Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

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Pie Town in New Mexico

Pieczeń rzymska Santa Fe

Santa Fe  Meatloaf

Bajgel z łososiem

Bagel and lox

Hiszpańska Sangria w amerykańskim ogrodzie

Spanish Sangria in American Garden

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North Dakota 


Dżem z cukinii i ananasa



Melon z pikantną granolą

Melon with spicy granola

Tradycyjna glazurowana szynka

Classic glazed ham

Mrożony sernik z truskawkami

Frozen strawberry cheesecake or...

Sernikowo-truskawkowe lody

Cheesecake-strawberry ice cream

Sałatka Nicoise z kurczakiem (uproszczona)

Chicken Nicoise salad (1) a simplified version

Sałatka Nicoise z kurczakiem (wzbogacona)

Chicken Nicoise salad (2) an enriched version

South Carolina 
South Dakota 

Zasmażana kanapka Elvisa z masłem orzechowym i bananem

Presley's Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Zasmażana kanapka Elvisa z masłem orzechowym, bananem i boczkiem 

Presley's Fried Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon Sandwich

Ulubiona kanapka Elvisa - Fool's Gold Loaf

Fool's Gold Loaf

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Pan de Campo Bread

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-Covered Insect Day!

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Macaroni and cheese for busy people
Washington D.C.

Rumowy koktajl Daiquiri


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Mother's Day and three desserts

Miło Cię widzieć! Zapraszam do amerykańskiej kuchni, smacznej, pachnącej, ciekawej...

Nice to see you! I invite you to the American cuisine, tasty, fragrant, interesting ...