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"American Cake" Anne Byrn

"Amish and Mennonite" The Culinary Institute of America

"Bittersweet" Alice Medrich

"Desserts and after-dinner treats" (teamwork) Australia

"Fruits and Vegetables of the World" Michel Viard

"Tajemnice zdrowia plemienia Hunzów" Renee Taylor

"The book of afternoon tea" Lesley Mackley

"The book of antipasti" Lyn Rutherford

"The book of chicken dishes" Kerenza Harries & Jo Craig

"The book of cocktails" Jenny Ridgwell

"The book of salads" Lorna Rhodes

"The book of sandwiches" Louise Steele

"The essential pasta cookbook" (teamwork) Australia

"The gluten-free cookbook" Anne Sheasby

"Zywność twój cudowny lek" Jean Carper

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